Saturday, January 9, 2010

Talented young artist, Justin Vining

Recently I began the annual series of winter bouldering excursions to the Dirty Souf (yes, Souf). Basecamp for this trip was Chattanooga, at the home of excellent hosts Brian and Jesse Teuter. Last year while there, I had admired a few pieces of the original art adorning their walls, whimsical watercolor and marker cityscapes.
This year I got the chance to meet the young artist, Justin Vining, who is also a full time law student preparing for the bar in July. I suppose that the business of law could easily benefit from having a young lawyer who thinks this creatively. I was struck not only by how charismatic Justin was, but how accomplished he is at such a young age. As an artist myself, and one who feels lucky to have made a living making art, its refreshing to see someone who believes so much in his own creations, and is as passionate for life as a person can be.
Do yourself a favor and head over to Check out his work there, follow him on facebook, feel good about yourself for helping to support someone living their dreams, and most of all, know that you're lucky to have seen a little bit of the real deal.

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badash said...

I LOVE THAT ART! thanks for sharing!!!