Saturday, August 21, 2010

A New Venture...

I don't blog here often. Frankly, I'm not cut out for blogging on a hodge podge of life and it's happenings. If I don't have a specific focus... I can't really operate.

So, this blog will be dedicated mostly to musical updates, which happen less and less frequently these days (though I do have a few exciting things on the horizon).

And so, a new blog, The Power Company, is born. We'll talk all things training, all things climbing, and well... did I mention training? This is just the beginning for The Power Company. We're plugged in and ready to run, and our first events are scheduled and will be posted soon.

If you're interested, join us over there at Lets talk training...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Video for "Float" - a tribute to Todd Skinner

At the time we wrote "Float", Todd Skinner was a climbing hero to me. After getting to know his family, friends, and hometown, it became clear that Todd affected many people beyond the sport of climbing. As a person, he was just as much a hero as he was when freeing hard pitches on the biggest of walls. Sometimes, we as climbers, lose sight of that. This is my attempt at a reminder... filmed with Todds children in his hometown of Lander, Wyoming, and in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dedicated to the Skinner family, the Ratz family, the Absolon family, and the Lowe-Anker family.

Made possible by The Todd Skinner Foundation and Faded Orange.

"Float" -Odub and Misty Murphy from Kris Hampton on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

OR and one more video...

Airport. Waiting. Twice a year, the OR show makes me more tired than I want to be, but always ends up being a great time. I touched down in SLC at 1am on Thursday night (Friday morning), and made my way straight to the studio shared by Mike Call and Tim Kemple. Misty was already there, and had already been shooting for the Savgi video. We spent the next few hours drinking, listening to Tims great Boone Speed impersonation, and getting some nice shots for the video, which Mike will be putting together. Can't wait to see it!
As you know, I've been working on learning to edit video, and it was nice to see these guys at work. Real professionals. Dedicated to their crafts, and masters at doing it. Check out Tim's brand new site at and Mike at his hugely popular
While holed up in their studio, escaping the grind of OR, I finished editing the final footage from my recent Southeastern trip. This one was my favorite problem of the trip, so enjoy. Now to go get more footage...

Tennessee Thong (v7) from Kris Hampton on Vimeo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Always learning...

Lately I've been trying to learn the art of video editing, inspired by recent shorts and films I've had the pleasure of viewing. PURE, by Chuck Fryberger... Herakleia, by Mike Call...The Players, by Brian Solano... they all have elements I would love to learn to incorporate into my own repertoire. Ultimately, I'd love to film a short documentary (more on that later... much later), and a few music videos (coming sooner than you might think). The process is much like mixing music, a fusion of technical savvy and creative thought. Knowing the platform you're working on is KEY, and thats what I'm doing now... exploring my editing program through the creation of short bouldering videos. My newest sponsor, Faded Orange, has been, and will continue to be a big help and outlet for these pursuits. Check out some of the videos... and I'd love to hear any feedback.

The Pinch V8 from Kris Hampton on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Talented young artist, Justin Vining

Recently I began the annual series of winter bouldering excursions to the Dirty Souf (yes, Souf). Basecamp for this trip was Chattanooga, at the home of excellent hosts Brian and Jesse Teuter. Last year while there, I had admired a few pieces of the original art adorning their walls, whimsical watercolor and marker cityscapes.
This year I got the chance to meet the young artist, Justin Vining, who is also a full time law student preparing for the bar in July. I suppose that the business of law could easily benefit from having a young lawyer who thinks this creatively. I was struck not only by how charismatic Justin was, but how accomplished he is at such a young age. As an artist myself, and one who feels lucky to have made a living making art, its refreshing to see someone who believes so much in his own creations, and is as passionate for life as a person can be.
Do yourself a favor and head over to Check out his work there, follow him on facebook, feel good about yourself for helping to support someone living their dreams, and most of all, know that you're lucky to have seen a little bit of the real deal.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lauren Lee and Keith Ladzinski slideshow in Cincinnati

Poster by Colleen Riddell.


Monday, August 17, 2009

"Who He Is"... Odub and Misty Murphy, featuring John Bachar on sax.

Yes, you read that correctly... John Bachar on sax. In the new issue of Deadpoint Magazine, I wrote about my only encounter with the late icon of our sport. Please go check it out... I'm on page 12... turn your speakers up and listen while you read.

To download the song: Who He Is, featuring Misty Murphy and John Bachar.