Friday, January 15, 2010

Always learning...

Lately I've been trying to learn the art of video editing, inspired by recent shorts and films I've had the pleasure of viewing. PURE, by Chuck Fryberger... Herakleia, by Mike Call...The Players, by Brian Solano... they all have elements I would love to learn to incorporate into my own repertoire. Ultimately, I'd love to film a short documentary (more on that later... much later), and a few music videos (coming sooner than you might think). The process is much like mixing music, a fusion of technical savvy and creative thought. Knowing the platform you're working on is KEY, and thats what I'm doing now... exploring my editing program through the creation of short bouldering videos. My newest sponsor, Faded Orange, has been, and will continue to be a big help and outlet for these pursuits. Check out some of the videos... and I'd love to hear any feedback.

The Pinch V8 from Kris Hampton on Vimeo.

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