Sunday, January 24, 2010

OR and one more video...

Airport. Waiting. Twice a year, the OR show makes me more tired than I want to be, but always ends up being a great time. I touched down in SLC at 1am on Thursday night (Friday morning), and made my way straight to the studio shared by Mike Call and Tim Kemple. Misty was already there, and had already been shooting for the Savgi video. We spent the next few hours drinking, listening to Tims great Boone Speed impersonation, and getting some nice shots for the video, which Mike will be putting together. Can't wait to see it!
As you know, I've been working on learning to edit video, and it was nice to see these guys at work. Real professionals. Dedicated to their crafts, and masters at doing it. Check out Tim's brand new site at and Mike at his hugely popular
While holed up in their studio, escaping the grind of OR, I finished editing the final footage from my recent Southeastern trip. This one was my favorite problem of the trip, so enjoy. Now to go get more footage...

Tennessee Thong (v7) from Kris Hampton on Vimeo.

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badash said...

sick video. I love all your vids!!!!

p.s. I just added a link of your page to my climbing blog roll on my blog. WORD! =)