Friday, February 20, 2009

INTUIT10N = inspiration

If you're a climber, its nearly impossible that you haven't seen, and probably admired, the work of the creative force that is Jeremy Collins. His images have brought visual truth to the pages of Rock and Ice, Climbing, Alpinist, Trail Runner, and even as far removed from the outdoors as The Wall Street Journal. His recently released book, "INTUIT10N : a decade of work" landed on my doorstep several weeks ago, and I've been trying like hell to figure a way to put into words what I experienced upon first turning its pages. I still haven't come up with how to do it... but I'm going to try.
I remember when I first realized the genius behind Jeremy's work. It was in a magazine article concerning the ethics of bolting, and the 3 or so images that accompanied the written piece did far more for me than the words. I haven't a clue what that article said, but i remember in detail the painted images I saw. Particularly striking was the hairless figure, with the obvious back of a climber, standing in front of a blood red, barren wilderness landscape. The figures face was in shadow, looking downward, unsure of its position or place in the world. Down the figures spine is a line of bolts and hangers. I'll never forget what that painting said to me.
I tried to flip thru the pages of INTUIT10N, but I couldn't. I would only get a few pages deep, and another image would stop me in my tracks, and leave me lingering, losing track of time. All in all, it must have taken 2 weeks to get through all the images, and I still have the feeling that I could learn twice as much if I'd start again from the front cover.
INTUIT10N is dedicated to not only the images, but also the process. Throughout the book you'll find essays by John Long, Steph Davis, Alison Osius, Matt Samet, and many other influential climber/writers who have felt the power of Jeremy's work. Its full color, 211 pages are worth far more than you'll pay.
I've always considered my own music to be art. Much of it is tongue in cheek, and much of it is serious. Jeremy effortlessly weaves back and forth between humor and bold faced message. I admire and respect him for that feat. INTUIT10N now sits in my studio, beside my turntable, so that when I'm in the need for inspiration, it'll always be within my reach.

Please check out Jeremy Collins' website at , and pick up INTUIT10N at You won't be disappointed.

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Lydia said...

Thanks for the heads up. I definitely want this book.