Monday, February 16, 2009

Quiet Please!!

As my man Randy Leavitt would say, "Quiet Please!!". The new issue of Deadpoint Magazine is on the stands (for free!) and on the web. Click on "Current Issue" and flip through. Its more than just a mag... you get videos that go with the stories and articles, and a song to go with my column.
In this issue I dish on just about everything... Lynn Hill, Andy Raether, Joe Kinder, Sharma, P-Rob, and even the newly single hottest of the hot climbing women. You don't wanna miss this one!
Also, you can now go to my music page at and download the past DPM songs.
While you're at DPM, be sure to check out the video of Kinder on the 1st ascent of Southern Comfort Right, shortly after making the 2nd ascent of the direct finish, right here in the Dirtee Dirtee!
And don't miss Kehl's Crypt... as always, creative as hell, and bound to get you psyched (and prepared) for highballing!
We ain't fuckin around 'round here!

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