Friday, May 8, 2009

Monsters DO exist. Free new song...

Theres alot on the plate right now. A. Lot. Expect some rapid fire posts for the next few weeks to make up for the lack of recent posts. I'll be headed to the New River Rendezvous in a few days... and CAN'T WAIT!

However, lets get to business here. Three words. Herakleia. Float. Savgi.
Herakleia is the name of Mike Calls newest film, one of discovery and adventure, set in Turkey.
Float is the name of the album Misty Murphy and I are nearing completion on, to be released in July.
Savgi. Turkish for "love", and the name of the song you're about to download and blow your mind and speakers with.

Mike Call contacted Misty and I about a song for his movie, Herakleia. I toyed with some turkish instrument samples, and quickly came up with a minimalistic beat. I sent it to Misty, and was wowed upon its return. I had no idea what she'd do with it... but she nailed it. She learned a turkish love poem... in turkish... and sang it over my beat. All I could do was add a short 8 bar verse, resequence a few things, and it was ready. Quick, easy, and HOT.

Hi Fi Stream of "Savgi".
Free download of "Savgi".

You can get your copy of Herakleia at Momentum Video Magazine.
For a review of the film, Check out Straight Outta Bedlam.

More to come soon. Float, the album, is shapin up nice. Maybe, just maybe, you'll get another sneak listen in a few weeks...


Niles Barnes said...

damn, that's tight. Nice work man...

t said...

yeah. i like it as well.