Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DPM #4. Ode to the Haters.

DPM #4 has been posted online, and is currently on its way to a gym or shop near you, if its not already there.
In this issue, I started with the news, like usual, but just couldn't do it. I've seen so much online hate toward some good cats, like Kinder, Kehl, and Sierzant, that I had to speak up. I have my fair share of haters, and believe me, I love it. Without them, I'd have stopped rappin about climbing a LONG time ago. Go check it HERE.
Read the Sonnie Trotter interview on my page while you're listening... then go visit his blog. Its for sure one of the best around. And don't miss the great photo gallery from Keith Ladzinski!

1 comment:

tommy said...

thumbs up on the track. i've never really understood why people give a fuck what everyone else is doing as long as it's not messing their shit.

btw, what are you producing the beats on/in? they sound good.