Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Southern Utah, its not all 3.2%.

I'm down in St. George, at Misty Murphy's house for the week. We escaped SLC and the OR tradeshow just in time. A travel killing snowstorm hit just after we headed south for sunshine and good rock. Day 1 we climbed at VRG, and well, honestly, my hand sucks. My endurance has been halved, so I finally went to see a doc. Apparently its just a bad case of extensor tendonitis. I'm tryin to be nice to it, but its tough with so much rock to climb, unless you have beer.
Beer. Misty and I might have maybe gone to somewhere something like Nevada and sorta bought beer, or a beer like product, and kinda brought it back into the Mormon state. Maybe. I think.
At any rate, it did its job. Joining us for the drunken festivities were Misty's man toy, Lib Narho, the infamous John "Verm" Sherman, and his lady friend, Cindy. Misty's friend Jen also rolled through, and turned out to be REALLY funny.
Somehow Verm was psyched to record his first rap, so we descended into the studio and let loose. When the song is mixed and done... you'll hear it. OH MY. You have no idea...
However, I thought Verm was a drinking pro. Seems that shortly after his turn on the mic he crossed the line, and passed out on the couch. Verm, you missed out, but I got it on tape so you can see it when you finally come to...

Misty breakin it down... and The Verm, missin it.

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Lydia said...

Love it. Sorry I missed it. Better luck next year.