Saturday, September 27, 2008

Butt of the joke...

Now, to say the least, I can be sarcastic. I suppose I've offended a person or two along the way with my bluntness, sarcasm, and willingness to just call somebody out.

The most exciting thing about it for me is when somebody hits me back... creatively. Not just "my dad could beat up your dad" shit... but real wit.

Years ago, an icon of Red River climbing, Chris Snyder, and I, got into a little verbal war. I ended up saying some things that might have been inappropriate and I got kicked off the forum we were arguing on. Haha... my former climbing partner owned and ran the site... but his moderators and admins collectively voted that I had gone too far. I agreed.

In the past year we've made peace. It only makes sense now that I'm clippin bolts and we see each other at the crag at least once a month... usually more. Not too long ago, he posted a comic strip on that same website,, that was about me.

My thoughts on it? Hysterical. Absolutely genius.

My point is, if you're going to be a sarcastic ass, try hard to see the genius behind what other's say about you. In this case... my hat's off to Chris.

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