Tuesday, June 10, 2008



I've been wearing Evolv climbing shoes (Predators) for several months now, and quickly decided they are the best shoes I've ever stuffed my feet into. That makes it even more exciting for me to become a part of their athlete roster! Joining Team Evolv means that I'll be joining with some of the best climbers on the planet... Sharma, Rands, Lindner... to wear and promote shoes made by an incredible company. Not only are they the greenest climbing shoe company on the market, but they go out of their way to be a force in the community. My kind of people. They're sending me the new "Optimus Prime", which I can't wait to put to rock...


badash said...

I got those shoes the other day but they didn't fit (way too small) but they are sending another pair - i am PSYCHED. Even though they didnt fit, I could already tell they were the best fitting Evolv shoe that I have ever tried on!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THEM! I'm ready to crush!

The Obed was.... HOT! but definitely fun. There wasn't much sending going on in our crew, but that doesnt mean the weekend wasnt full of good times! We spent the whole first day working RAGE in Stephen King Library --- that route is so friggin HARD!!!

then it rained... so that canceled our plans to night boulder.

There was a huge wedding going on at the Obed so it was two HUGE nights of partying... i will leave it at that! =)

I am going to Bonnaroo (if you know what that is?) and i leave tomorrow. I AM PSYCHED! 4 days of good music, hippies, and partying... so much fun!

badash said...

P.S. CONGRATS ON JOINING THE EVOLV TEAM! that is so exciting for you!!! I am psyched for ya!!!

I agree that Evolv is the BEST. THEY ARE ALSO VEGAN FRIENDLY!!! definitely the GREENEST shoe... not to mention the best performance AND the MOST COMFORTABLE!

One day I hope to be on that roster... life goal, perhaps!? What an honor!!! =)